Nigerian Musicians Who Took After Their Parents in Music

It is the dream and desire of every parent that at least one of their kids follow in the same line of profession as them and even more delightful to end up doing better than them.

Several Nigerian musicians of the past groomed their children to follow in their line of music, but we’ve only seen just a few of them turn out to become bigger stars.

Here are a list of popular artists today who took after their parent.

1. Femi Kuti


Femi Kuti

Femi Kuti is an internationally recognized Afrobeat Star and the son of the Abami eda himself, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

He is one of the most succesful artiste in Nigeria With over Four Grammy nominations, his song used in GTA IV and also sampled by various international stars like Jayz, Jcole.

He has been keeping the Nigerian flag flying ever since the formation of his band ” Positive force in the 80s.

fela Kuti


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