Mother Stabs 2 Yr Old, Dumps Body in Lake While High on Meth

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Deputies said when they arrived at the home, both the man and woman were standing outside, and both were “distraught.” Just as a deputy walked toward the woman, according to the release, she confessed to the murder. The Daily Mail claims the woman ranted to officers about a Biblical flood and Noah’s ark, and that she may have been “delusional.”

It was at that point that the woman was taken into custody. She was also treated at a local hospital for a self-inflicted wound, per the Daily Mail. The mother has been identified as 27-year-old Egypt Moneeck Robinson.

A search ensued for the child, reportedly named Aries Juan Acevedo. He was found floating in a pond behind the house, lodged inside a suitcase. According to officials, the child had most likely been dead for more than 24 hours. He may have been killed by a stab wound, according to the Mail.