Most Shocking Red Carpet Outfits (with Pictures)

Today, we present the Most Shocking Red Carpet Outfits ever seen.

let’s skip the formalities this celebrity are crazy they dress what they chooses to wear. crazy though! see the most shocking red carpet outfit below. you defiantly know lady gaga must be involve

1. Bjork at the Oscars 2001

Compared to the previous two dresses, this one is just a humorous addition to the list. This dress was shocking not because it showed too much skin, but because it was such a funny and unexpected choice. Leave it to Bjork to shock people with a whimsical dress and add some controversy to the otherwise very formal event.

Bjork at the Oscars

2 Rihanna at the CFDA Fashion Awards

Rihanna is no stranger to showing off her figure and we love her for that. She’s got a great body and it should be seen. But this was one of those times a lot of us thought she went a bit too far. At the CFDA fashion awards in 2014 Rihanna was pretty much naked. The pink sparkly dress was completely see through. The only thing she had to cover up the strategic bits was her fluffy pink boa, but it didn’t really help.



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