The Most Disturbing Things Found In Food

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Most Disturbing Things  Found In Food We’ve probably all been in the middle of eating when we suddenly see a little fleck of dirt or a tiny hair hanging around in our food or drinks. While that experience is never pleasant, it’s got nothing on what these people had to deal with!

YouTube channel MindChop put together a list of the top 10 most disturbing things found in people’s food, and trust us, they’re awful. The list starts off with a woman who just wanted a little bit of red velvet cake. What she found inside her cake was a worm!

Most Disturbing Things In Food

A woman took a bite into her Milky Way chocolate bar only to feel a bit of a crunch. Not expecting peanuts or almost to be in the bar, she got to investigate what was turning her milky bar crunchy. She discovered a toothbrush!

Most Disturbing Things In Food 2

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