THE SCENE THAT CRASHED THE INTERNET: A Mom Breastfeeding Her Baby Right After a Car Accident!

Mom Breastfeeding Her Baby Right After a Car Accident! – Danni Bett is breastfeeding her baby girl on the photograph. They’re on a hospital bed and Danni is wearing a neckband because she’s just had a car accident. The young mother wanted to breastfeed her baby who was crying out of hunger, despite the terrible pain she was feeling.

Danni Bett became an inspiration to many people. The young mother went on a road that was 5 hours far to her father’s house so that the grandfather could finally meet his two months old granddaughter Indi Jayne Olivia. 10 minutes before arriving to the house, she had lost control over the vehicle and crashed into the fence next to it and then it stopped on the top of some concrete pipes.

“People were standing and asking if everybody was fine and I was just screaming for them to get the baby out,” says Danni. One man took little Indi out of her car seat. Then, the ambulance arrived.


“Thank God for the car seat. I was looking at the prices while I was pregnant and they were all very expensive, but now I’m glad that I paid that much. I feel like that car seat saved my baby from serious injuries,” said Danni.

Her whole body became numb and she was shaking and after the ambulance took her to the ER, she started feeling terrible pain. The paramedics didn’t give her any medicines because she is breastfeeding. Instead, they put her to lay down and put her a neckband as a precaution. While Danni was waiting for the results of the neck scan, Indi started screaming.

“I immediately thought that she must have been hungry. I asked them to take off my neckband to breastfeed her, but they said no, because I had to rest.”

The nurse that was holding Indi told everyone to leave the room, took down her T-shirt and gave her the baby.
“We calmed down immediately, both Indi and I. My heartbeats decreased. As soon as they had put her on my chest, I felt relieved even though I was feeling a terrible pain.”

The same nurse took the photograph of a mother with her baby that is showing her love and will of a young mother to calm down her hungry baby girl.



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