Meet the 101-yr-old woman who has been taking care of her 63-yr-old disabled son

This must be the most touching love story of all times as a 101 year old woman has spent her entire life taking care of her 63 year old disabled son.


A Malaysian mother, Madam Meliah Diah, may be 101-years old and very weak, but that does not stop her from looking after her 63-year-old disabled son, Abdul Rahman Saud.

According to Harian Metro, the widow who is now seen as an epitome of motherhood, has stayed faithful and true to her youngest son all on her own after her husband died 22 years earlier.

She feeds him, bathes him, cleans up after he stools and manages to roll him out for some sunshine everyday.

The report adds that each morning, Madam Meliah bathes Rahman on the veranda of their wooden house in Bukit Nambua, Kedah. She then feeds him and they both spend the day there before going into the house in the evening.

Diah told the Metro:

“The seizures he suffered as a child caused him to be like this. He can only lie on his front and move about bit by bit.

He loves to eat fried chicken rice. We only have each other. I hope I don’t die before him because there would be nobody to take care of him.”


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