Meet Goodluck Onyx, Nigerian With Most Twitter Followers

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Goodluck Onyx hail from Akwa Ibom State, he’s a Social Media Publisher and Influencer .

Nigerians will be very shocked to find out that Wizkid is not the owner of the highest followers on twitter, well me myself I find it very difficult to believe when I met Goodluck Onyx .

Last year this young man (Goodluck Onyx) approached me as a client that he want to increase his likes on Facebook for his page, that he’s very much interested in social media and has a name for himself already on twitter that a friend (@Duchess_tweet) told him about me and he feel we can work together, to me I felt like this is among those people with just 20,000 to 30,000 twitter followers, so I just take him for a commoner; “billed him with no mercy” because then I have about 40,000 twitter followers and I’m doing very well of facebook.

I asked him for his twitter handle he refused to give me the handle so I started feeling like he’s a waste of time, to cut the long story short I wanted to build a parody account so I decide to contact this my friend Goodluck Onyx so he can help me Retweet some of the tweets on the parody page so as to get more followers so I gave him the handle so he can just Retweet some tweets.

He buzzed me 3mins later that he has Retweeted and after that I started seeing a whole lot of notifications I had to turn off my notification because of my battery life after 2hours I check the account and I saw over 1000 followers gained and all my tweets on that account having over 400 retweets and favorites; this time I can’t wait anymore so I pinged him like 40pings(craziness) and he said I’m disturbing that hope no problem I have to ask him for his handle a second time so he told me to go look for it myself.

Twitter detective I started searching until I got the handle YESS its @omgfunniest_, to my greatest surprise I saw 2.2million twitter followers this time I double the ping to about 70 to 80pings, the first question is are you the owner of this account he said yes, I didn’t sleep that night because I was surprised that a Nigerian have this and he’s unknown and I started saying if I’m the owner of that account nobody will mess with me, Lol like its more than a twitter account.

Formerly @Omgfunniest_ Now @Uber_pix

The story changed we started talking and became real good friends so he started showing me his other accounts and said the least he gain daily is 1000 followers and he’s not even following them meanwhile it will take me 1week to get 1000 followers and that’s my highest if I do Follow4Follow lol.

I’m sharing this because someday you don’t know who you will meet and how that person will influence you and what you thought you have and you’re flaunting maybe what they can dash out without stress. Lol

I know you will spot some grammatical error but who’s marking the English of life?

Article Credit Tzmilez

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