I Was Betrayed By Tinubu and Buhari – Gov. Amaechi Speaks

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Ex Governor of Rivers State Amaechi gave the following aftermath of the APC convention. Gov. Amechi Said He  Was Betrayed By Tinubu and Buhari

Gov Amechi, buhari and tinubu,I Was Betrayed By Tinubu and Buhari – Gov. Amaechi Speaks Ex Governor of Rivers State. Amaechi gave the following aftermath of the APC convention. Gov. Amechi Said He Was Betrayed By Tinubu and Buhari


“Let it be known, that I didn’t just join the APC, I was wooed by the legacy parties and four other PDP governors then. Naturally in every bargain, interests must be spelt out. Of course they did promise me the Vice Presidential ticket in the forth coming election with a condition to sell the party and make President Jonathan unpopular. The initial arrangement was to pair me with Hon. Tambuwal (Speaker of House of Representatives) .

But when other entrants like Atiku and others entered the party, everything changed. It was Gov. Nyako that opened up to me on the recent changes, and pleaded with me to take the position of the National chairman of party, that it will be zoned to the South-South. And I grudgingly accepted. Now, in every political convention, consensus building is needed to harmonize all interests.

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So I initiated a platform for the 16 APC governors to talk in Port-Harcourt last week. And in that meeting, the 13 governors and their deputies that were in attendance reassured me that I will be given the national chairmanship slot. But when I asked Gov. Adams to ask Chief Ikimi and John Oyegun to step down for my candidate, Adam’s quietly told me “My brother, I know the bad name they have called you in the South-South and Rivers in particular. Again, I sympathize with you because I know how much you have put-in in APC, this Yoruba and Hausa people can’t be trusted, they said you couldn’t build the APC in Rivers State and that only 95,633 out of the 1.3 million membership you claimed have passport photographs. That everything was doctored by you”.

I find it very disappointing, that we no longer have men of trust, and integrity. Men whose words should be their bond in politics. So last night, I made my position clear, that if the other candidates didn’t step down for Dr. Sam Sam Jaja, then there was no point picking the expression of interest form. I feel deeply betrayed”

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  1. Amaechi this is just the beginning,u refuse to lean from your predecessor peter odili.what Obj did to him.

  2. leye ebiowie on

    Gov.amechi, its a pity for you to come out now and telling us that you are betray by President Muhd Buhari and Senator Bola Tinubu,that show us that you are light-weight politician. either you like it or not, much disappointment is awaiting you,because Lt. General Abdulrahman Danbamzu rtd, and Mallam Shehu Garba is the one controlling Nigeria now.

  3. Henry U orji on

    Really to bad, I have been a supporter of APC but the way things are going I thing is not going as expected and I don’t see that change from a clear paspective any longer. I advice Ameachi to
    Stay cam and watch them, let us see were they will get to

  4. Let’s stop believing all doctored reports by hungry journalists. I doubt if this came out of Amaechi as no news station has aired it.

    • Ok we’ve heard, from now on we’ll be relying on you for the latest world news. Over sabi dey worry some people.

  5. Desmond eto on

    Amechi u insulted Gej and treated pdp bad, and go and join those blood wolf now see where u have landed, u even carry apc for head has if u are the one contesting for presidenty, this is just the banning.


  7. Winners Obasi on

    GEJ prophesied dat the likes of Amachi shall later return with their beggars plate

    • It is so, such is LIFE, he who pet another with pebble ask for rock in retun.

    • Na you sabi pass on

      Really? Alright then from now on we’ll be relying on you for the latest world news.

  8. Darlington Udoye on

    Amaechi so you think that BUHARI and Tinibu are too foolish that they don’t know the quarlity you are made of . They can’t allow you in their midst because they knew how you betrayed your brother Jonathan .

  9. It is so, such is LIFE. He who pet another with Pebble ask for rock in return. This should be another leason those of you stoburn politicials.

  10. A. Adedotun on

    i disprove all these, this type statement can’t be issued by someone like Amaechi i know; this is just an internet scam to create unbalance wave between Rivers APC, Yoruba’s and Hausa. in other to pocket the election fraud of PDP through Rivers INEC aid not see a broad day light. ”Game plan of selfish interest one”

  11. Abdulazeez Onotu on

    this is not what we’re expecting 4rm apc people oga Amechi stop telling us all this in this time ok. if it’s truth you are saying.

  12. Oloriegbe Samuel Sunday on

    It is difficult 2 believe that dis story is coming from a learned man like Amaechi bcos d story actually painted him d traitor of d first order.

  13. Anegbe Anthony AseAsemokhai on

    Amechi, u allowed urself to be used against ur brother, Dr .Goodluck .U climb to the nadir of fame by crushing the reputation of ur
    brother, now, the whole world ll watch as u crashed landed from that infamous height

  14. Common … This is completely false and entirely fabricated …. Who is still talking about APC chairmanship and are convention issues …. When we are already in an APC government

  15. A truly mature minded Nigerian will not flow with this kind of story cooked by the enemies of change and progress. A valiant man of valour, Amechi, will not descend so low to this type of publication. There bounds to be dissagrement to agree. power play among the political members. APC, please go on and mend your differences, time will sieve the shafts from the wheat. The change time is now. We can’t afford to fail.

  16. Amaechi, This is the begining of ur woes. You betrayed ur brother GEJ instead of Supporting him.

  17. Abolarin Oluwafemi on

    Ameachi you are so fulish up to the level some pple push u to betrayed your own brother.

      • it’s not about false write-up but about a man who sold his brother, feeling good and now becoming a Cain. He is a man of very low grace and can’t make it to the top.

  18. Pure lie ,I’m tired of Niger journalist with their scam story,.mark my word u will soon hear from Amaechi dat dis story is internet fraud

  19. Even if you think Amaechi didn’t make this statement, we could as well take a close look at the trends within the APC, Amaechi is rather becoming unpopular. In fact I doing even know what Amaechi is really doing right now.

  20. Amalokwe .m. on

    Bird of d same felder flock togeder,wher is ur own felder n wher are flying to?dis is just d begining.

  21. Dont run faster than ur shadow Amaechi, pls take heart and be patient dont say alot just wait and see this is the 2nd month after inauguration.

  22. Anything that happens to South Eest All the supporters and sponsores of APC Will be held responsible for the betrayal of the INNOCENT Generation Amaechi is not the only person, we no them all. Betrayals without conciense

  23. It’s just the beginning Amechi…..most of the problems we are facing in this country are caused by disgruntle politicians like you.you never c any thing.

  24. Though Amechi may not have said all these things but there is an atom of truth in what the writer is saying. Is no longer rosy as it use to be for him in APC

  25. Eziokwubundu A. on

    Was it said by Amechi already or not, it is the truth as far as that caward is concerned. Is Amechi not a yeruba again? (Rotomi), you can run to obasanjo for help or the one who is lookin for whom he will throw into the lagoon,oba Akiolu. Maaaaaad man. Anyway, you can change your name to Malam Mohamed yusuf Amechi so that Buhari can give you a better work. Come back home and join ipob family so that you may be recognised when Biafra comes.

  26. Whether d story is true or false is of no importance. lt’s very clear frm d happening in apc that d likes of Amechi, Tinubu & other key s/south & s/west members of apc are no longer relevant in this govt of apc. they hv bn used & dumped. APC is now a nothern party. lf other zones want to protest, CPC will be resurected.

  27. That is what Amechi deserve.It is better for him to come and join ipob family nesrest to him now before it becomes late for him.

  28. This na lie, big lie, hon Amechi na man of intergrity, honourand justice. This na lie wey una lie here, no wahala btw oga amechi, Tinubu and GMB

  29. Oh please, stop this. I dont believe this story. Even if he is having reservations, he wouldnt say it this way.

  30. I don’t want to believe that amerchi made such statement.this’s someone I so much respected.even due he moved from PDP to APC doesn’t make him such a bad person.their is freedom of association n as such he has d legal n constutitional right to belong to any politcal party he feel is d best for him.but d unfortuniate part of it is that he didn’t listen to d voice of wisdom b4 moving to APC.the party is full of thesame set of people who loot nigerian money.now they have rubbish him by promising him one post or the other.is better,such a thing happen him than him been killed in d process.I think is high time for him to knw the set of poltican he is minglings with.is just too unfortuniate.I still own a lot of respect,he is my man anytime anyday.just be careful,d devil u see is better than d angel u don’t see.ur life is more precious to ur people. I believe that our formal president. Mr.goodluck
    find a place in his heart to forgive u.

  31. Galadima Nurudeen on

    This story is a fabrication of the highest order, which was designed to stir gargantuan controversy , we would never succumb to such sheer bunkum.

  32. Who ever that doesn’t blive this story can never blive anything trueth in his/her life, bcos d hand writing is so clear.

  33. don’t worry biafra will redicate all thieves and liers like u. Mr ex-gov

  34. U ve not seeing anything yet. u bit ur brother and expect dem to welcome u in their mist liar.

  35. U re nt betrayed, bt rader ur time is over dere is time 4 everytins. Now is time 4 another person again jst relast mr MAN.

  36. Chukwuemeka on

    gagagagaggagagagagaggagagagagagaggaggagagagagagagag can’t stop laughing. No Sir emba ooo I don’t refer to you oooo. just laughing at my rotting teeths

  37. Betrayal in nigeria politics is not a new thing.if actual amechi lamented,then he should knw dat he started it.he should knw dat he who fights with sword wil die by sword.its a game play on…..

  38. adejoh isah on

    Your Excellency, I want to personally thank you for your contributions to the victory APC has, I dont want to believe that the president would be part of any betrayal. We are watching APC and the president very closely.you ve put in every thing and we nigerian will not close our eyes to any ill treatment by anybody in any guise to you.we will organize a public parliament and we will do oversight work for you your Excellency.



  40. SAM SAM SAM on


  41. Gbaruu si wene. Ngwaa yedu oro bia nodu ali ne kwe. Oko he aikanin. Gwa yedu oro hapu ba.

  42. Amaechi the formal Governor of Rivers State was the goat that has been used as a sacrifice for Buhari’s Presidency in South-South.

    08171032512 call or whatsapp. #Tupee #OBI if you follow me.

  43. That’s a biiiig lesson for you to learn.. I don’t know when our people will learn, have you ever seen a yoruba or awusa man supporting heavily like the way you did to someone from south south or south East.. This is just the beginning

  44. Amaechi tell nigeria how much u invested on buhari so dat he will pay river state back their money

  45. This write up is all about National chairmanship of APC now,if i may ask,is the APC thinking of a national convention? or the national chairman was elected without a specified tenure time?cheap propaganda.even though am not of the APC,but this lie is too

  46. weda he made the comment or not he is a fool and will drink from the stream he polluted till he kick bucket… Amaechi he who don’t know his origin and the meaning of his name…I did not expect much more than the mess he portrayed.

  47. Nwajiagu Emeka on

    Qur’an:8:39 :wage war on non-muslims and kill them until they submit and the only religion is islam

  48. sorry for you amechi. this is just genesis by the time you get to revelation Nigeria go be you like ghana

  49. Mike Oladunjoye on

    Gov Amaechi will surely be compensated I trust APC no matter what he is a reputable person that fought a good fight of faith him alone in the midst of PDP wolfs, GEJ administration had scatter the whole governing system and to lay a good precedential governance we all need to exercise Patience. Amaechi you will not Labour in vain. I’m proud of you my person.

  50. Bros just be patience 2019 definitely u will be given good position but for now be a spectator.

  51. First, this story is a lie. Those of you who believed this trash are fools. If Amaechi was not treated well in 2014, why then did he still worked relentlessly for the party till today? The fake newspedlers here are just entertaining the clouded minds of tribalistic bastered you always see tribes and divisions in anything not done by Igbo. Amaechi or not, Jonathan was doomed to lose that election, not because he was a bad person but due to the fact that he was clueless and incapable of handling the affairs of things. The fake millions of happy supporters cooked up by igbos in the name on TAN did not helped GEJ. Learn to allow whosoever that God has allowed. Stop blabbing. Zik will not have wished Nigeria to be destroyed by clearly an incompetence and clueless fellows.
    You may start to insult me because the truth is bitter, I don’t even care.

  52. Amaechi, ur Execellency sir. Kindly appologies to GEJ & entire ohanaeze 4 ur misconduct. Others to learn from dis. Same happens to agu iyi ironsi, peter odili and now to u.be careful

  53. Fraud, Misinterpretation or what ever anyone might choose to call it.. My message to Gov. Amaechi is that what so ever he is getting from the APC, ohhh he deserves it.. wait a little bit more, there is more coming at the end of the road.. #TeamGEJ #PDP.

  54. Hahahahaha. How does it feel Ameachi former this and that. You will be soon be made an ambassador of Korea

  55. Yakub Namiji on

    The true meaning of APC, is Arewa People Congress.They only fooled you to join. After 4yrs in govt. when they need you again, they will give you appointments to fool you for support again. Mark my word.

  56. If this post is true then ex gov Amechi is in for a big one. In my own personal observation the worse is yet to come because he is in a alliance with the wrong people.

  57. Unbelievable about this Amechi guy! A man who has had so much opportunities, whether deserving, merited or unmerited, should have some guile and common sense…haba! What he is saying here, blaming others for his lack of discernment is very ridiculous at best. He wa s asked to make Jona very unpopular so that he would become relevant in APC and he agreed…what a dumb ass! Unfortunately, since such betrays lack of character that means he thereby built his political coffin, which he is bound to be buried in! Amechi, I’m sorry because you’re finished politically, because in this APC government you’re bound to be irrelevant all because of your lack of discretion in this interview! Who wants a Judaa around?

  58. Eferebo Christopher on

    A man destined to fail forever will always keep shifting blame to others for his perceived or actual failure. We long predicted that this man called Amaechi is a traitor who will meet a dead end without being able to locate his bearing until he will fall into a pit of water an get drowned with nobody to pull him out of the pit. I will never blame Tinubu or Buhari as no man or group of persons in a right frame of mind will choose a rascal and common thief like Amaechi as a Headmaster of a primary school. He was in a delusion, illusion or trance when he accepted their offer of Vice President or Party Chairman. Everyone knew that he was not better than a drunker who was dancing naked a market in broad daylight. If I were Amaechi, I will bury my head under my armpit like a fowl and remain sane, quite, sober all through my life instead of adding salt to injury. I pity you, Amaechi, I pity you as you are not welcome even among your kinsman. I will advice you to pick up a plot of land near Buhari at Guara where you will be buried at death as you are not welcome in Ikwerre land.

  59. Amaechi is just one of the fools in the Niger Delta region who cheaply fall to cheap intrigues of the duo of South west and North, I got no sympathy for them at times like this.

  60. Richard (Houston TX. USA) on

    Sorry you are only reaping the Fruit of your doings, thuggery, you don’t know they all are aftaid of what the party may become if you become national chairman

  61. In a simple term Ameachi you are a traitor. You betrayed your brother for a piece of wat?

  62. Ntomchukwu Chigozie on

    Whose ever buy a plate of food with his brother must Regret when he get hungry again,

    good morning senseless Amaechi.

  63. With all humility…. I believe that all this statement might not be correct but there are element of truth in them….
    I personally don’t see that real change they promise to enact but rather see a change as they claim to say….
    A real change is a change in the right direction to correct today’s abnormality without jeopardizing tomorrows growth.

  64. It is quite unfortunate. that the same measure of betrayal you gave to your brother in the quest of power in the hands of two political cameleon people H & Y that have region affiliation makes a big nonsense of you l tot you where very smart you’ve meet your match so dont complain. last time itwas Dr P Odili vs OBJ who is a Y. now it is EX GOV. Amaechi vs Buhari who is an H..so it saves you right hence you people reason from your anus. l wish you th best because l can see he worst coming. you are a disgrace to your generation.

  65. This man cannot be talking about betrayal when himself is a master betrayal. A man who betrayed the entire South South and South East. It really serves him right.

  66. mr amiechi please don’t worry. they must have susceded in betraying you. no wahala…. we will encourage you with EFCC. huuuu before l forget, we are looking for our spoons, plates and bed shirt in our government house. pls are you with them?

  67. Why sympathise with a man who denied us as brothers but rather called us cousins and uncles. Can we all let him be, after all his own brothers (yorubas) are the ones dealing with him. It’s not a betrayal, its the game he is already used to, so let him swallow it with pride. That is just the first lesson for all the fools we still have who claimed they are our leaders and want to use our resources for their selfish interest. ‘What goes around, comes around’.

  68. Adamu S. Accountant on

    Am from the state of unlimited opportunities, the power state, (Niger) I really admired d leadership style of Governor amaechi, I trust and believed that those words didn’t come from u, I know that it is instigated by your enemies, it will never go their ways.

  69. One greatest mistakes people from southern Nigeria continually makes, is our hubristic attitude towards the intelligence of an average northern Nigeria. While a southern Nigerian can easily and arrogantly betray even himself in pursuit of a particular selfish interest, a northerner wisely work as a team with a common goal and plays by the rules. Honestly our hubristic self centerednesa is our undoing in Nigeria politics. Although this devious individualistic attitude seem more pronounced among the Ibos, but yorubas are equally obsessed with this blind selfish ego. The office of the presidency has eluded Igbos because of this invetrate selfishness. In apc today, the yorubas are destroying one another while the hausas/fulanis are smiling for their tacit unity of purpose. This is just the beginning for Rotimi Amechi and his cohorts in this ruinous terrain.

  70. Is this really from amech? If so he should learn from his mistake and move on with his life and political career.

  71. this post is not true.
    …nd it’s true, Mr Amechi i belive in you that you’re not a failur n i respet u….

  72. Nigerians are so gullible, is only on Nigerian social media that people believed everything that they see posted online. Sorry for all of you that don’t see this post as a write up manufactures by some people that have one thing or the other against this man called Amaechi. You are the type that 419 will ask to bring ten thousand naira & they will turn it into ten million naira and you will blindly believe, because you lack the insight to differentiate between what is real and what is fake. Some of us are really unthinking, blinded by sentiments.
    http://www.vaxity.com, pls visit my website for real educational issues joooooooooooor

  73. Sorry Amechi,this is not the end of the appointment but is the begining of it.
    Maybe you may have other position to clinch and reclaim,so it’s not matter of betrayal

  74. This report is false and malicious. People like you are the once abusing freedom of information and misleading the public. Be careful wit how u tarnish people image or else…

  75. Amaechi is just the tool for success for others,i guess alot of our leaders from the south-south should learn from him also..he Amaechi didnt learn from his predessors its a pity jare!!! please any comments and questions Abeg control my number 08117208380.thanks

  76. Franklin Nnamdi on

    Can this be real? Is this an official media site? How can we believe this rubbish? Just fallacies.

  77. obaudu mohammed on

    this is pure lie. na facebook journalist, Amaechi never say anything don’t pdp with their fake story.

  78. That serves you better. It is just the beginning of more worst things that will continually happen to you. Judas has been your MENTOR and you know and you can remember his END. You better repent and go to CHRIST. That is the SOLUTION to your present situation or else you may likely ……. yourself.

  79. This is false report, talking about chairmanship in july when new Govet of APC was formed in May 2015. Nigerians wise up now & u guys were busy abusing each other on a false report. sorry oooo

  80. Do Anyhow - See Anyhow on

    Wether True or False, iS THERE any sense in the so called cooked story; Traitors beware.

  81. pls my people when will our journalists know what to say ?and when to say ? pls say good or remains silent

  82. amaechi this is just the beginning u never see anything you betrayed South South, PDP n goodluck to those tribalism n religious fanatic in the name of vp. u are a disgrace to our people. even our ancestors will not forgive u I pretty u.


  84. Henry-otis Amurun on

    I do not believe that Amaechi made those comments. Nevertheless, considering everything that has happened in relation to national appointments so far, would it be right for the Amaechis and Tinubus of the APC to feel disappointed by current events? especially when the President himself has said repeatedly that he appointed those whom he trusted, and, how else could he reward those who have been with him all these years? Let us remember that Amaechi and Tinubu only recently joined Buhari. Amaechi may not have made those comments, but do you feel that he has so far got a fair deal from the APC, in light of his almost single-handed destruction of Goodluck Jonathan?

  85. Politics in Nigeria is said to be deadly because of decietful people that are involve, anyway it is very unfortunate that you did not learn from what happen to your predicessor, maybe you will learn from your own that: politics in Nigeria is not transparent, and as such is deadly and a “do or die affiar” which is nolonger democracy rather a deplomatic war or motal conbact.

  86. Amechi shd know that the public is watching his mannerisms: it doesnt portray a principled person. He looks an opportunist; for selfish interest.