Hackers allegedly leaked Nicki Minajs N@ked Photo

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Nicki Minaj Was Once Fired As A Waitress (See Why)



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  1. Stop showing your naked body to young kids because u will spoile there brains and once their brains are spoiled,we won’t have a descent generation.

  2. pls cant u stop These porn publication i would be more than happy if u made it optional by not posting them on facebook

  3. if u dont stop this then wait on the day when u will be brought to that trueful room but u hav been seeing videos of the evil does when they died n they are brought to their graves so the earlier the better u stop and repent no matter the religion u belong to

  4. stupid post is dis wht u called naked. una no get work.
    common english u cant understand and write.
    wht is naked abt dis

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