How to Dress to Add Curves to Your Body

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How to Dress to Add Curves to Your Body - ever wanted a curvy and voluptuous body? Sadly, not everyone is blessed with such assets. However, not being blessed with such a body naturally should not be a reason for you to feel disheartened. You see, there are lots of ways on how to put instant curves to your otherwise straight body, using how you dress.

Use patterned dresses, aka "illusion dresses".

These are form-fitted dresses with two main front panels that may be pale or white, paired with two dark side panels (often black) that are shaped to make your waist look smaller and your bust and hip larger in comparison.

Sport an A-line or full skirt.

To hide your small hips, wear a full skirt. You can opt for a short length or peplum (a form fitted skirt with a small puff on the hips), a knee-length for a neutral and preppy look or go full retro with a calf-length skirt. Just think of 1950's skirts and you'll be able to select the right one. Tuck in a tight-fitting top and belt to give emphasis on the skirt's fullness, tricking the eyes of curves. If it's a longer skirt, you could even wear other skirts underneath to increase the fullness.

Don a pencil skirt.

Choose a pencil skirt that's made of fabric that clings to the body to get instant curves. Opt for one that's elastic and has a wide waistband, and the skirt will surely give your boyish frame the feminine curves it needs. This works most of the time because it hugs in the waist just right, fitting at the hips perfectly. Again, pairing this with a wide belt and a form fitted top will help


Use special underwear to increase your curves.

You can buy padded bras at any bra store, which will increase your perceived bust size. You can even combine these with "chicken fillets"- flesh coloured breast emulators made of synthetic material that slip under your natural breast when wearing a bra to give further volume. You can buy these at most lingerie stores. If you're worried about your hips and backside, you can in fact buy underwear that's like push-up bras for your bottom. They go buy many brand names, but are simply panties with extra padding to make you look more curvy. You can buy these online.