Buhari To APC Members: “What ever your personal interests, put them in your pocket”

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“Whatever Your Personal Interests May Be, Kindly Put Them in Your Pocket- Buhari Speaks to APC Members


Buharia made a strict world to APC Lawmakers in the National Assemble recently, who made a childish nonchalant attitude over the past few days.

President Muhammadu Buhari told Apc law Makersm they should step aside their Personal Interests and focus on the best interest of the county.

At the going meeting of the National Executive Committee of the APC in Abuja. President Muhammadu Buhari made an opening remark.

“What ever your personal interests, put them in your pocket. Let APC work. Let the system work. I appeal to you to accept the superiority of the party. I cannot confine myself in Sambisa forest and refuse to participate in the meeting because I respect the superiority of the party,”

Source: Vanguard

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