Asa And Award Winning Actress Lupita N’yongo Profess Love To Each Other

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Asa And The Award Winning Actress Lupita N’yongo profess love to each other

Soul Nigerian singer Asa has professed her love for award-winning Hollywood actress, Lupita N’yongo and the actress did nothing but returned the favour.

Asa who released her third album “Bed of stone” recently Shared a picture taken with the Hollywood Actress with the caption “Last night I met this beautiful lady. I love and admire you, Lupita N’yongo  #inspired ‘No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid.’

Lupita shared the same picture on her timeline with the caption ‘Not only did I meet one of my favorite artists tonight, but I also learned she has a new album!!! #Asa #BedOfStone’.

Asa is a good singer and Lupita an incredible actress. Good for both of them.

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