Amaechi Challenges Buhari To Also Probe APC Members

Amaechi a first republic aviation minister and nationalist has challenged President Muhammadu Buhari to prove to Nigerians and the world that he is sincere about his anti-corruption drive by probing every corrupt politician.

He urged the president to extend the probe of corrupt past political office holders in the former President Jonathan’s administration to members of the All Progressives Congress who allegedly sponsored his election, Vanguard reports.

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Buhari And Amechi []

Amaechi said this after the 5th Nnewi economic summit and launch of compendium of the town’s industrial activities.

The chief also warned that no section of the country or anybody in the country, no matter how highly placed will push Ndigbo into a position of irrelevance or the situation of 1967.

The former minister urged the president to also be bold to probe those who sponsored his election, saying they are the worst corrupt people in the country.

He pledged his total and unreserved support for the anti-corruption stance of president Buhari and admonished that the president should probe past political office holders, contractors and individuals alleged to have been involved in corrupt practices in the country. He stressed that the president should look towards all APC members as well.

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He said: “I am totally and unreservedly in support of President Muhammadu Buhari, in the fight against corruption. I support the probe of past political office holders, but all I say is that if you go back to Peoples Democratic Party government, we had corrupt elements, if you go to APC, their governors who funded the president in his campaign and subsequent election are the most corrupt people in the country.”

Meanwhile, the appointment of more northerners on Thursday, August 27, by the president has been greeted with extreme repugnance by leaders of the APC.


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