9 Nigerian Celebrities & The American Stars They Share Resemblance With

We often hear a lot of times that everything in life is originally made as a pair, and its not a new thing to find two distinctly different people who have never met each other or seen, but completely look like each other.

Today, we take a slight look at some of our Nigerian celebrities who share a resemblance with some American stars.

We would like you to let us know any celebrity that we missed from our list or which ones we should have included in the list.

First on The List is our very own Peter Okoye of PSquare and Usher!

1. Peter Psquare Okoye and Usher

Peter Psquare Okoye and Ushe

The Resemblance Between these two is near a 100%. Almost same Looks, Same Smile, Dimple, Haircut. Oh Well, you”ve got no choice than to agree.

2. M.I Abaga and Kendrick Lamar (Before he switched to dreadlocks)

M.I Abaga and Kendrick Lamar


M.I. The Chairman, who’s Arguably Nigeria’s Hottest Rapper has a striking resemblance with American Hip-hop Artiste from Compton, Kendrick Lamar.

True or Nah?

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