7 Qualities All Worthy Men Should Have

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 7 Qualities All Worthy Men Should Haveyou want to make sure your own man meets these standards, too. Too many women settle for less than what they deserve, so let’s raise the bar and make men be real men again! As you’re reading this, make sure you also have these qualities so you can be a high caliber lady.


1. Stable emotions

If a guy is moody and you never know if he’s going to nice to you or blow you off, he is not a keeper. You need someone who helps you to feel comfortable and secure in the relationship by showing that he is in control of his emotions.

Notice if he’s complaining, talking negatively about others, focused on problems or there’s always some sort of drama. He should have his head on his shoulders and be able to handle some stress. He needs to have some tools to monitor his emotions so you don’t become a sounding board for his word vomit.

2. Healthy lifestyle

You need a guy who can take care of himself. Remember, you’re considering spending the rest of your life with this person, so you don’t want someone who eats corn dogs all day.

Look for how he shows self-control and discipline in his lifestyle. This is a two-way street though. We can’t expect to attract a healthy guy if we don’t take care of ourselves.


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3. Listening skills

Does your man show you that he cares by listening attentively to you? If he has a habit of brushing you off or forgetting what you tell him, chances are he’s not really invested in your relationship.

Don’t settle for a man who doesn’t show you time of day. He should look you in the eyes and show you respect when you’re speaking. The best way to attract a guy like this is to also be a great listener.

4. Compassion for others

This is one of the most attractive traits in another human. If he is concerned about helping in the community or willing to spend his time on other people, he is a good guy.

If he refuses to do things for others, chances are he doesn’t have enough empathy or heart to really be what you need. Look at his words and actions: does he show that he cares about people, or is he just living to make himself happy?

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5. Concern for your family and friends

You want a man who asks how your friends are doing and is interested in the well-being of your family. If it seems like he could care less, he probably does. He should show an interest and remember what’s going on in their lives. If he doesn’t try to get to know them, he doesn’t really care about you.

6. Positive energy and a sense of humor

This is another deal breaker. He has to be able to laugh at himself and he needs to be a positive person. Gloomy people drain your energy. Do you feel energized around this person? A worthy guy will light up the room because he’s full of love for everyone.

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7. Goals

If your man is a couch potato and doesn’t care about the future, who is going to help you take care of a family? You want someone fired up and passionate about life. You want him to be able to tell you his goals, but don’t be hard on him if he changes them. We are only human.