6 Ways to Whiter Teeth

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6 Ways to Whiter Teeth - a sparkling smile  with a Whiter Teeth  can make you stand out among the crowd. Here are 6 ways you can do to  Whiter your teeth.6 ways-to-whiter-teeth

1) Swap out your toothbrush: You might be surprised to know just how good changing your toothbrush regularly can be. According to doctor,s you should do it every three months, or as soon as you see the majority of the bristles begin to bend.6-ways-to-whiter-teeth 2

 2) Brush your tongue: This isn’t only about having fresh breath. It can also prevent staining. Your tongue accumulates bacteria, which can eventually lead to discoloration.

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4) Eat raw fruits and veggie: Eating crunchy food is good for your body and your teeth. Eating nuts, raw carrots, apples and cauliflower can help keep your teeth clean by removing surface stains and plaque that leads to cavities.6 ways-to-whiter-teeth fruth

5) Use gel trays instead of strips: Experts are divided on the effectiveness of whitening strips. Most dentists don’t like them because they don’t distribute the whitening past evenly. However, you can use whitening gel trays to solve that problem.

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6) Rinse with water after eating oranges: Though they’re good go-to for vitamin C, oranges and limes contain acid that erodes tooth enamel. This can make teeth stain easily. To fix this you just need to make sure to rinse your mouth out with water immediately after eating these fruits.

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