5 WWE secrets caught on camera

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The scripted nature of professional wrestling is something that we wrestling fans are aware of, but chose to ignore. For non-wrestling fans, it is a reason to say that wrestling is ‘fake’ but for us, it is simply a way of enjoying our love for the art. And WWE, to their credit keeps kayfabe as much as possible, so that they don’t end up insulting their loyal fans.

Despite these tightly packed efforts from the promotion, sometimes, the secrets do pop out of the box. And even worse, these secrets get caught on camera. There have been a handful of such situations in the WWE television, and we take a look at them.

#5 Seth Rollins apologizing to Sting

Seth Rollins recently went up against Sting in a WWE Championship match at Night of Champions. This was only Sting’s second match in the WWE and there were a lot of expectations from it. Sting, to his credit, performed well for his age and paid the price for the same. It was a very physical match for Sting and he took some solid punishment.

At one point of the match, Rollins went on to apologize to the Icon and the video went viral. It was a moment that broke Kayfabe and unfortunately for WWE, the cameras were in the wrong place at the right time.


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