5 Proven Techniques To Remove Pimples Instantly

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Proven Techniques To Remove Pimples Instantly - We have all woken up with an unsightly pimple on our face at one point in our lives. While stubborn zits can be a challenge to treat, that doesn’t mean we should let them ruin our day.

Pimples have an insufferable sense of timing. They appear on days that you have important activities lined up like the night before a first date with the guy you’ve been eyeing for some time or the morning of a job interview.

1. Green tea

If you think that green tea only helps you shed pounds, think again. It is also helpful when you need to say bye-bye to pimples. How?

Simply boil it, then allow it to cool. Get some cotton balls, dip them in the tea and apply it to your pimple and the surrounding area.

2. Garlic

Most of us love this condiment’s usefulness in transforming the way our food tastes. However, it also boasts cell reinforcement and antibacterial properties that help to treat pimples quickly.

So, get a garlic clove and divide it into two. Rub it gently over your pimple and leave it for about five minutes. Wash the area with clean water afterwards.

3. Cucumber

Aside from being rich in vitamins A, C and E, this plant has a cooling impact on skin making it suitable for treating breakouts. Simply slice a cucumber and put it in a bowl of water for thirty minutes to an hour.

Use a strainer to separate the water from the cucumber, then use the water to wash your face. Make sure to concentrate on the area where the pimple has sprouted.

4. Olive oil

Olive oil boasts calming properties for skin. Wash your face and pat it dry. Then, apply olive oil to your pimple and leave it for about five minutes. Wash with warm water again, then dry gently with your face towel.

5. Steam

Fill a big pot with hot water, and position your face in such a way that it comes into contact with the steam but you don’t burn yourself on the hot water.

It’s a great way to soothe your skin and get rid of a pimple. You can also opt for a hot compress if you don’t feel like having to go to the bathroom to get some heat.



People who have oily skin know just how effective tomatoes can be when doing away with excess oil. Aside from that, tomatoes are also effective in getting rid of skin redness and, yes, pimples.

So, treat your skin to a tomato face pack for the night and say hello to a pimple-free face tomorrow!

Pimples appear because of a number of factors with stress, pollution and unhealthy food choices as the most common reasons.

So find time for some rest and relaxation, avoid heavily polluted areas, and feed your stomach healthy food only so that you can reduce the likelihood of surprises.

If, after having observed these habits, pimples still appear, remember these do-it-yourself hacks so you can say goodbye to them before they have a good time with their stay on your face.

Have you struggled with pimples that won’t go away before? How did you deal with them? Do you know of any other effective treatments you can share with us? Share your thoughts in the comments.