4 (Four) Medicinal Benefits Of Apple You Never Knew.


4 (Four) Medicinal Benefits Of Apple You Never Knew.

Introduction:- Apple is one of Nature’s usefull and nutritious fruit.Daily consumption of apple can prevent and as well correct many health condition.
A proverb says’ An apple a day keep the doctor away.

Nutritional value of apple

1. Calcium – 10mg
2. Calories – 81
3. Carbohydrate – 22gms
4. Dietary Fiber – 5gms
5. Folate – 4mcg
6. Iron – 0.25mg
7. Phosphorus – 10mg
8. Pottasium – 159mg
9. Sodium – 0.00mg
10. Vitamin a – 73iu
11. Vitaminb c – 8mg
12. Soluble fiber
13. Insoluble fiber

Medicinal Benefits
1. Prevent dental disorder: When thoroughly chewed, the acid content kills germs present in the mouth. it containsa mouth cleansing property which no other fruit possesses.

2.Proper Functioning of the heart: It is usefull in the treatment off all types of heart diseases. An apple with honey combination is considered a very effective remedy for functional disorder of the heart.

3.It enhance food digestion: It is very rich in vegetables fiber cellulose which aids free bowel movement . When taken In the morning on an empty , it rendergood result for chronic or habitual consipation.

4.Lower high blood pressure: Due to low sodium content,apple are recommended as a supplement for the diet high blood pressure patient. It also enhances increase secretion of urine,which I trun bring down the blood pressure normal level.


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