The 10 Most Uncomfortable Movie Scenes Ever Filmed (With Photo)

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The 10 Most Uncomfortable Movie Scenes Ever Filmed (With Photo) – This is a testament to both the actors and the directors- they do such a good job of making us believe whatever they want us to believe. But beneath the surface, some of these actors were incredibly uncomfortable during some of these scenes…

10. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – Such Great Heights


Mission Impossible

The Mission Impossible Series has been mesmerizing audiences for decades now, and Tom Cruise has long been at the forefront of making the breathtaking action truly come alive. What makes these stunts incredible is the fact that Cruise actually did all of his own stunts himself. Pretty much everything you see in the film was actually performed by the actor himself, not a stuntman. In the newest entry to theMission Impossible Series, entitled Ghost Protocol, Cruise takes his stunts to a whole new level – literally.

In one scene, his character is tasked with climbing up the side of the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai. At times he was hanging 1,700 feet off the ground with nothing but a harness. Everything you see in the film is real, as he literally sprints up and down the building with nothing but a cord attaching him to safety. What makes it even more incredible is how calm Tom Cruise was during this scene – he was completely unafraid. Because of this, perhaps this film shouldn’t have made the list, but it sure made viewers uncomfortable, and by all logic, it should have made Tom Cruise uncomfortable as well (it just didn’t).

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