10 Of The Most Expensive and Luxurious Airplanes In The World

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What would the Wright Brothers think of airplanes today? These guys were so excited to fly what was the equivalent of glued together toothpicks in the air that they could have never imagined what people were capable of building in the future. The real genius in flight has certainly been what engineers have accomplished behind the scenes. Planes are safer, fly longer, are more fuel efficient, and sleeker than ever before. However, the world is beginning to catch on that the luxuries people enjoy on the ground should not be limited there. The idea of luxury in the air is not only possible, it’s becoming a preferred method of travel for those who can afford it.

Some of the planes on this list have the craziest luxuries one could imagine. These planes have showers, executive bathrooms, and anything else one could think of. There’s even some passenger planes where, for a hefty price, a person can take a long flight in style, never having to look that riff-raff in coach in the eye. No word yet on whether a cage filled with white tigers is available on these planes yet. However, if things continue the way they are, that’s a feature that may come standard. Enjoy the 10 most luxurious planes in the world.

10. Jackie Chan’s Embraer Legacy 650

Jackie Chan’s Embraer Legacy 650

Like Jackie Chan, his Embraer Legacy 650 private jet is nothing to mess with. The plane comes fully loaded for the efficient business traveler like Chan. It can fly nonstop for extremely long distances which helps Chan manage his enterprises. Plus, the seats fully recline so a passenger can lay down and sleep or they can sit upright and work. Also, there’s hardly a moment that Chan can’t get something done because the plane comes fully equipped with all of the latest communications technology from the cockpit to the tailfin. The only thing Jackie Chan’s plane doesn’t come with? Fists.

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