10 Most Featured Nigerian Artist of 2015

Collabos are means by which artistes bring their unique ingenuity on a song and leverage on each other’s creativity and fans base. Juacali, a Kenyan hip -hop rapper puts it this way: “Artistes should be ready for collaborations. And the concept is ever-changing as new faces as well as sounds come. This has changed the way fans consume music. Collaborating gives one high chances of opening up new markets.”



Onyeka Onwenu’s Wait for me duet with King Sunny Ade was one of the collabos that changed the face of the Nigerian music scene in the early 90’s. Ever since, artistes have teamed up with one another to create a seamless artistic chemistry. In no particular order, we chronicle Nigerian artistes who bring their own brilliant magic on collabos and are often sought after by other artistes.

10. Terry G



In case you don’t know, Terry G is still on top of his game.

The House of Gingah boss is still sought after in the game of collabos. Years back, he had issues with A.Y.com over the  hit song Pass me your love.

The versatile music producer has been featured on Joel’s Person pikin, Maleek Rahym, Jawo, Abdulala Paro, Timaya’s Lai lai and lot’s more. He has been branded unconventional by some and seen as strange by others.


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